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Today’s NYT Connections Hints And Answers For Monday, January 22

How to play NYT Connections game

If you are not familiar with the game, NYT Connections, here is a guide on how to play Connections. You will be able to find NYT Connections hints below.

Find groups of four items that share something in common.

  • Select four items and tap ‘Submit’ to check if your guess is correct.
  • Find the groups without making 4 mistakes!

Category Examples

  • FISH: Bass, Flounder, Salmon, Trout
  • FIRE _ _ : Ant. Drill, Island, Opal

Categories will always be more specific than “5 – LETTER WORDS,” “NAMES” or “VERBS.”

Each puzzle has exactly one solution. Watch out for words that seem to belong to multiple categories!

Each group is assigned a color, which will be revealed as you solve:

NYT Connections

Here are some hints for today’s puzzle, followed by the answers below (I added it a little bit lower so it won’t spoil your puzzle) :

NYT Connections Hints For January 22 (Monday)

  • Yellow category hint – Objects that represent ideas, concepts, or affiliations, often used as visual representations in various contexts.
  • Green category hint – Vocabulary related to oral health and dentistry, including terms used to describe teeth, procedures, and conditions.
  • Blue category hint – Expressions or phrases often used repetitively without much thought, similar to a standardized and predictable response.
  • Purple category hint – A phrase used to refer to a specific timeframe, typically denoting the duration or frequency of an event, occurrence, or anniversary.

You can find the answers for today’s game below.

Connections Answers For January 22

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to find out today’s NYT Connections answers.

The answers for NYT Connections on January 22, 2024 are:

  • Yellow group – symbolic rods (BATON, SCEPTER, STAFF, WAND)
  • Green group – dental terms (CAVITY, CROWN, FILLING, PLAQUE)
  • Blue group – rubber stamp words (APPROVED, PAID, URGENT, VOID)
  • Purple group – ____ year (GAP, LEAP, LIGHT, SCHOOL)

That wraps up today’s Connections hints and answers. Make sure to visit us for more NYT Connections hints & answers!




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