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Today’s Quordle Hints And Answers For Friday, January 26

Howdy quordle people! Happy Tuesday! Lets get into today’s quordle hints and answers.

How to Quordle

Here are some hints for today’s puzzle, followed by the answers below (I added it a little bit lower so it won’t spoil your puzzle) :

Quordle Hints For January 26 (Friday)

  • Word 1 hint – A pungent and edible bulb vegetable, often used in cooking to add flavor to various dishes.
  • Word 2 hint – The past tense of a verb describing the action of shining brightly, often used to refer to the illumination of light.
  • Word 3 hint – A small, rounded hill or mound, typically found in natural landscapes.
  • Word 4 hint – A term used in fencing to describe the defensive action of deflecting or blocking an opponent’s attack with a countermove.
  • Today’s hint words start with O,S,K, & P.
quordle hints today

Answers For January 26

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to find out today’s Quordle answers.

The answers for Quordle on January 26, 2024 are:

  • ONION (A roundish, bulbous vegetable with a pungent taste and odor, composed of several concentric layers.)
  • SHONE (The past tense of the verb “shine,” indicating the action of emitting light, brightness, or brilliance.)
  • KNOLL (A small, rounded hill or eminence, often found in landscapes, characterized by gentle slopes.)
  • PARRY (In fencing, the defensive action of deflecting or blocking an opponent’s attack with a countermove, often using a blade or weapon. In a broader context, it can also mean skillfully avoiding or deflecting a challenge or criticism.)

That wraps up today’s Quordle hints and answers. Make sure to visit us for more hints & answers!

Playing Quordle is a Fun Way to Exercise Your Brain

If you enjoy word games like Wordle, you should give the spin-off game Quordle a try. Quordle presents you with four 5-letter word puzzles to solve simultaneously, allowing you to get more brain stimulation in less time.

Attempting to solve four word puzzles at once engages more regions of your brain compared to just doing one. As you think of potential words that fit the clues in each grid, you have to continuously switch between the four puzzles mentally to make connections and eliminate possibilities. This taxes your working memory, concentration, and cognitive flexibility.

The added challenge of Quordle also helps build up vital skills like processing information quickly, dividing your attention, and coping with the pressure of solving multiple problems under a short time limit. These abilities translate well to daily life.

On top of the mental workout, figuring out those four tricky words one letter at a time simply feels good. You get that satisfying rush of endorphins when the solution finally clicks and you input the correct words with seconds to spare before your guesses run out. It’s a small sense of accomplishment that puts you in a positive mood.

In short, if you have a few free minutes a day, Quordle is an entertaining and rewarding way to keep your brain engaged. The mental stimulation will help keep your cognitive abilities sharp.




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